How to make a Gmail Account

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Gmail may be getting more popualr since it was first introduced in 2004. Together with the decline of Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail, more and more people are moving to Google’s services. Developing a Gmail account is simple and fast, as well as offers you use of other Google products. Here’s how to create a Gmail account.

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1-Open the Gmail website. Select the gmail crear cuenta link, then A Free AccountPer cent button inside the top-right corner. This will give you on the Create a brand new Google Account page.
Setting up a Gmail account creates an entire Google account which you can use to access other Google services and products.

2- Come on top of a username. Your username can be your new Gmail email address. Possess a backup or two handy but if your desired name has already been taken. If your username isn’t available, you may be given several related options, or you can try another.

3- Fill out all of those other required information. You will need to enter your full name, your birthday (for age verification), your gender, your number if you happen to lose access back, plus a verification email address contact information. You must also enter which country your home is in.
The cellphone number is suggested and not required. Google can post you a text if you happen to lose entry to your Gmail account.

4- Complete the CAPTCHA. This is the verification tool that helps to ensure that a real person is allowing the account. If you can% make out the print, click the refresh button next to the text field to secure a an alternative one, or go through the speaker button to be read out loud using your computer speakers.
When you submit the CAPTCHA, select your existing location. Choose your country of residence, in case youPer cent going to use the email elsewhere.

5- Agree to the policy. Invest time to read the entire privacy policy so that you will are sensitive to what Google can and mayPer cent do with your own individual information. Look at the box in case you agree to Google terms.

6- Choose whether you need your 1 information shared. This choice will tailor google’s 1 icons the thing is that over the gmail crear cuenta.In the event you keep the box checked, you’ll be able to view web sites that the friends 1. This service is used to tailor ads for you.

7- Click Next Step. This will take you to your Google profile creation page. All Google accounts build a Google account when they are created. You can select regardless of whether you would want to add a picture to your account.

8-Click Next Thing once more. Your Gmail account has been given. You’ll be able to select the button revisit Gmail, or visit any other Google service. You should be automatically logged in no matter what Google site you visit

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